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School Vision



Dear Parents,


Here we have modestly summarized IECB vision for weekend school.


-to provide platform for Indian origin kids to meet and know each other

-to instill pride about Indian origin, identity and culture

-to provide support as a community during their formation years outside India

-to introduce them diversity and uniqueness of India on global platform. Let them understand that it could be different places they come from, different languages they speak, different food they eat, different music, art, culture they enjoy; but still they are Indians.

-to introduce them Indian languages, glorious history, cultural diversity, heritage in art, architecture, music, literature and even Indian games (khel)

-to put all above aspects in perspective with globalized lifestyle of kids

-and most of all to achieve this in a simple, child friendly, playful, singing and story-telling approach


Current courses are designed based on above vision. Further, as we grow ourself additional courses, materials will be introduced to enhance their experience.


With best wishes

Sachin Kinge

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