Peace and value education

In 2011 soon after the birth of Vishu, I cried unceasingly for 2 hours; between the sobs I managed to ask my baffled husband –why do we have wars that mime and kill children. Do you know how painful child-birth is? Do you men have any freaking idea? Why do people have such fragile egos? Since then I have come a long way in how I see the world around me, how to see the common good. One thing I promised myself was that I will not let the rat-race gobble them. After our second child, life is back as a run of the mill and the promises seemed long gone..well..until now. With the introduction to Peace-value class by Dr. Christine Jaminon. I was able to recollect my personal promises on how we should try to give our children certain familial value system that will help them grow into global citizens and that they can pass on to their next generation.

Dr Jaminon talked about simple techniques that one can follow to get children and parents to listen actively. How simple exercises of cooperation can allow us to be our better selves, while having fun develop empathy for one-another. Having put 15 years in the field of education they now have 65 classes running every week in several schools of Wallonia teaching Peace-value education. Together with her partner and president Mr. Anupam Premanand they have developed their new and unique pedagogical system inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and Madam Montessori, they have founded Education Globale et Développement asbl. They also have schools in India called as Foudation for Global Education and Development that work on the same topic.

Their prime goal is to train facilitators who then teach teachers across Belgium on the value system of cooperation in place of competition, how to engage every child in the class, how to build their emotional quotient and teach children to express their feelings. The children then are new bunch of ambassadors who bring home what they learn at school thereby bringing a positive change among adults as well. The final goal for them is to make children global citizens who believe in peaceful collaboration rather than differentiation. They are inspired by the Eastern/Indian philosophy of finding your inner peace and to reflect this around you. One can actually see how the cooperative games can break ice among teens, curtail bulling on school campuses.

I am waiting anxiously for their Flemish facilitators so that I can introduce them to the director of our children's school. I see a lot of value in this not just for our kids but also to integrate the children who have arrived from war zones.


Co-Founder IndiRaga


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