Access consciousness

Access Consciousness is a therapeutic healing method. Founded and developed by Gary Douglas and the co-founder is Dr.Dain Heer. Access Consciousness consists in stimulating the 32 points called BARS around a person’s head in leading to a healing initiation for personality resolution process. This, as per Rupal through her own personal experience, has a significant effect upon solving personality conflicts, phobias, earlier saturated preconceptions and negative tendencies thereby restoring equilibrium.

Called Body Process, the sessions last for 45 min to 1 hour as per the need of the person. The method of Access Consciousness makes use of the combination of latest brain function understanding, empirical studies along with ancient Indian energy chakra knowledge, concepts.

Amongst the several benefits of this method, anger control seemed to be one of the most significant one, in addition to amelioration of negative self-image and those perspectives which lead to suffering. It assists in recovering from emotional and behavioral repeatability and rigidity. In addition, it works upon the general tendency in always trying to prove oneself principally by working upon our subconscious area of primitive mind consciousness.

Along with adults, this method has also proved itself successful with children in cases like ADHD conditions and usual pranks. Assisting in family balance, it encourages children to express themselves and for both parents to see a personal and relative perspective of personal points of view in choosing the best.

The price for one session seems reasonable for 30 euros. This appears a good opportunity in trying to go positively and creatively beyond the box towards a more fulfilling and progressive life.

Rupal conducts her sessions in Antwerp and is reachable on 0486484101

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