'Good touch and bad touch' session by Titoo Khambayate on 5th June 2016

Be it a boy or a girl; be it in India or Europe or rest of the world, many of us has gone through some sort of child abuse. Especially when your shyness creates a communication gap between you and parents, one is predisposed to face harrowing experiences. After going through the unfortunate turns of events, kids may have a life-time trauma, altered perception for life and overall could develop a negative mind-set.

So rather than waiting for ‘ugly’ moments happen to our kids and then over react, why not be proactive and educate our kids to be strong and bold enough to defend themselves to a degree! It’s better to build awareness in them through proper parental guidance. For that matter No-Go-Tell is a simple principle to educate kids: Shout No, Go away from that person and Tell a safe adult about the bad touch you got.

Ones self-esteem develops in the child hood and is built on the foundations of respect to mind and body. Any abuse by strangers or close ones through inappropriate and unwanted ‘proximity’ to our body or mind can live a scar.

Through ‘Good-Touch and Bad-Touch’ session Titoo Khambayate has done a great job of putting this bold subject in front of parents. Why not spread words to more parents?

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