With her abundance of knowledge and experience, Mrs. Vijaya Bhagwat-Shintre gave us a very practical and informative session over “Health & Nutrition”, the indispensable aspects of our lives. As stated by her, health indeed is a very broad concept and it depends on a range of varied factors. Health is defined as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” by the World Health Organization.

With changing times, the focus on “health” has shifted more towards “diet”. Mrs. Shintre insisted that we should not stress ourselves over the so called “Fad diets”. Thanks to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and the numerous articles in the newspapers written over the perfect diet that people like me often end up having all the knowledge about the nutritional aspects of foods but fail to practice what is preached.

Often viewed from a physical point of view, psychology & mental Health is equally important for a healthy body. Poor mental health is a risk factor for chronic physical health conditions and depression is often connected to these. Thus having a healthy body is often just a result of a healthy mind.

For years now, our parents have advised us to have a king size breakfast before heading to school or work. Mrs. Shintre reiterated the same and suggested that we should indeed opt for multi-grain bread instead of sugary breakfast snacks.

With the advent of globalization, we often have negative perceptions of certain foods like fats. But not all fat is bad and in fact there are 8 Essential fatty acids that cannot be produced by our body and must be consumed. As per Mrs. Shintre, we must re-think before completely omitting certain foods and in fact consume them in moderation. I have always heard my mother saying “too much of anything is bad” and I can see it certainly applies to food.

The session was concluded with a line from a Marathi Shloka “Udarbharan Nohe Janiye Yadnyakarma” which in fact means eating is not merely filling your stomach but a sacred act of consuming a healthy meal and be humbled and satisfied with the food. With so much to read, listen and ponder over, I would like to wish everyone “Mindful eating, Mindful living”!!!

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