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On Saturday, 10th April 2016 Nishant shared his photography skills and different photography tricks at IECB. An Engineer by profession, Nishant is equally passionate about automobiles, aviation and photography. This is surely evident in his huge collections of photographs, some personal, some published in several magazines and websites.

He exhibited his photography work through various categories including nature photography, automotive photography, aviation photography and the trickiest of all “night photography”. In aviation photography, Nishant has particular interest in shooting aircrafts with peculiar nose arts. (Nose art is a decorative painting or design on the fuselage of an aircraft, usually chalked up on the front fuselage, and is a form of aircraft graffiti.)

After giving us an idea about cameras, lenses and their uses, he gave us a few handy tricks of photography:

For starters the resolution (megapixels) should not be the most important criteria for choosing a camera, because it doesn’t really contribute to the image quality. He recommends that SLR camera better be used on the manual mode and not on the automatic mode. Ideally, the time just before sunset or sunrise is best suited for automotive photography. Another important suggestion is to try and use a tripod so that the camera rests on a firm base during night photography specially. He even recommends using a remote control so that the camera is stable and one can capture, crispy undistorted night snaps. Further as per his advice saving an image in the RAW format (rather than usual JPEG) is well suited in situations where pictures need post editing and enhancing.

Overall, the session was exciting and gave us an insight over one of the quirkiest but fascinating hobbies in the world! (Next time I will at least know why photographers are hanging around airport fences!!) By the end of the session the audiences surely were hooked to the tricks of photography and to a true photographers’ vision. Nishant’s love for photography is truly inspirational and probably in near future some of us will experiment with our costly, but least dexterously used cameras more!

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