You are what you eat!

Local farmer Steven Desmet explains how community supported organic farming brings the community closer to each other and nature. Steven started off his career in biotechnology, moved on to different conventional jobs before aligning with his passion for farming.

Organic farming is all about using natural products and processes for farming. Seeds that are not genetically modified, use of manure instead of fertilizer and pesticides, application of permaculture are requisites of organic farming. Organic farming reduces the carbon footprint related to agriculture. A few examples; growing legumes, alongside other vegetables, allows fixation of atmospheric nitrogen into the soil; presence of certain insects like earthworm prevent pests from destroying crops. Governing bodies like the EU commission have similar requirements for produce to be classified as ‘organic food’. People who are customers of organic farms can vouch for the quality and taste of the produce.

As Steven introduced himself as a farmer, I was surprised to hear that someone in this day and age could be interested in farming. He then explained how farming was unprofitable in the ‘70s and hence people moved away from natural methods to genetically and chemically assisted farming. Today CSA (community supported agriculture) is a flourishing trade that grows local food for local people at affordable prices. Additionally, a trip to the farm allows the family, especially the kids, to spend time together and explore nature. It’s a great way to encourage local business, support the environment, foster relations in the local community in exchange for fresh healthy and tasty food.

To know more about Steven’s farm, click here: To compliment local food with local recipes, check this link:

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