Green experiences

The very moment I visited the impossibly green pastures of 'de Wakker Akker' farm, my childhood flashbacked in front of my eyes….. Each and every school holidays, we used to visit our ancestral village. Morning to night we spent playing in farms. Not only our farm but whole village fields were ours to play! Climbing on the surrounding mango trees was our favorite play! Countless mangos, we have relished. Nobody knows the age of 'the only mango tree' in our farm though. We kids knew each and every branch of that tree. My father would swim in the well dug next to the tree. It used to be a 'spectacular show' for all the kids.. He presenting all his swimming skills, water yoga poses in order to impress us. Working in farm itself was a kind of experience too. It was such a feeling of freedom…recluse in the nature, away from school, homework…and exam worries…just freedom. Our vision had no limit..

Thus walking in to 'de Wakker akker' with my daughter Tanmayee brought me back to my childhood. Here mango trees are replaced by apple and cherry trees. But still she can enjoy the moment of plucking fruit from tree. Living here in Europe for almost two decades, I do often miss this part of life. I wanted to show Tanmayee the harmony and symphony in the nature through thousand shades of the trees, cut grass, cattle's grazing in the farms, mud drenched fingers plucking up vegetables off the ground. And there I was; experiencing my lost childhood. I didn’t want my kid to grow without seeing and experiencing the very basic elements of life in their natural form: earth, water, sky, light, fresh air.

Then it surfaces to my mind that nothing could be pitiful for our kids if we limit their world, their sensation to the artificial world of supermarkets. All those pretty looking fruits and vegetables showcased over there carry some wonderful natural experience underneath. Which they would never know.

Thanks to Harshada for introducing me this wonderful opportunity provide by CSA network.

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