Marathon dream

In the 'Marathon dream' session today, listening to Lekha, Venu and others was truly motivating. It's amazing to see that how self- realization, self-actualisation and discipline can infuse positive changes in ones life. These talks inspired and ignited listeners' minds.

I was oblivious to the history of marathon and even the fact that women were banned to run in Olympic games until 1960s! If Venu hadn't shared this fact, I would have remained ignorant forever.

Moreover, before May 2015, I confess that I was ignorant over the fact that running needs so much self determination. Living in Belgium and seeing people running at any time in any weather made me think 'it is a very easy business'. Decades back, I used to run when I was a student. Afterwards I never did..obviously prejudised by thousand baseless reasons!

And suddenly, with Lekha, when I put on my running shoes almost after 20 years, I was shocked to realize I could barely run 500m! But thanks to Lekha's constant motivation, my journey to run re-started. She always ran in front of me and never stopped for a single moment. And finally one day, I could run upto 4 km without getting too tired.Brussels 20 km ​​is a kind of dream for many living in and around Brussels. So was mine. However, I never took a step further. But on 31st May 2015 I did it! Seeing thousands of people running with and around me was overwhelming! It's a life time experience for sure! With my practice of 5 km running, I survived till first 7-8 km. Afterwards my battery started going down...I never stopped but did walk for some intervals. The only goal was to reach the finish line without falling down and I did it...! It was such a fulfilling moment..neither because I did it in good time, nor because I got a medal :)) ...but because I found way back to my

potential! Hope many others like me who are besotted with myriads of self-doubts would find their potential once again and soon.

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