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Being an Indian overseas is a challenge indeed. There are several consequences one cannot control. Positive side is: getting a global view and a wider platform. But on the other side there are indirect challenges and expectations. Getting integrated in the local society, preserving our ‘Inside of being an Indian’, instilling or respecting ‘Indian values’ in our kids.

This is why we have established India Education Centre Belgium. It’s a platform for all Indians living in Belgium, where they can share their worries, express them, get new friends for yourself and your kids.  Learn about local culture. It is with a sense of great pride and pleasure that we invite you to visit IECB: try the weekend school for kids, as well as attend our Open sessions. Come and discover for yourself what makes IECB a preferred activity for you and your kids.


India Education Centre Belgium (IECB) is an unique platform for all Indians residing in Belgium. It has been established with following goals: 


  • Foster friendship within the Indian community in Belgium

  • Provide a forum to share knowledge and ideas 

  • Educate younger generation of Indians about India

  • Promote and preserve linguistic and cultural heritage of India

  • Promote integration with local Belgian culture

  • Contribute to humanitarian causes, provide a helping hand in charity drives

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